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Photographers, cars and models
Photo by Costantino Florio


On Sunday
By Alberto Dubini

When hanging the 8th Pentax Day red key ring on my camera bag I realized I was really there, too; member No. 421 Alberto Dubini, registered and present! 

First I want to thank Dario and Ermanno for asking me to write the report of the Pentax Day 2003 together with Stefano Sagna, and many thanks to Dino for convincing my wife to come with me to Salice Terme. For me, it was the first time, so I was walking uncertain among many people with cameras hanging from their necks or, more discreetly, from their shoulders. With a strong desire to know better the likes of me, I observed them. Sharing looks, exchanging "good morning" while glancing to the hung tool, and then a warm hello with Dario, Ermanno, Dino and Massimo, whom Iíve known for some time.

So Sunday began to flow at Salice Terme early in the morning in the main hall of the conference center, where membersí pictures were already on show, Dario was placing the best of Asahi Pentax production from 1952 to 1980 in chronological sequence, with the help of Dino and Arnaldo. I heard that the mythical Takumar optics were given particular attention this time; lenses no longer manufactured and therefore so very rare.

You could write down a comprehensive list of the historical equipment on show, up to the LX GOLD, without forgetting the 6x7 with plenty of accessories and 100mm diameter filters, but maybe it is better you just observe the photos accompanying this article. I will only say that I saw a screw mount Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 85/1.9 that I thought did not exist; collectors are sometimes unbelievable.

In the warm hall you could see the Manfrotto, Il Fotografo, Protege and Ferrania stands. Unfailing and very helpful, the Pentax check-up by Tecno 2000 tested membersí cameras and lenses all the day (including my SP II). Well positioned alongside the display cases of the historical equipment, I found our club table, with everything necessary for a good managing of the event.

After registration, I could hardly decide among the available choices: carefully looking at the photo exhibition exchanging opinions about pictures, visiting exhibitors and especially Protege, which was giving current Pentax equipment for trying it on field (the tiny Optio S is a true delight), using my faithful SP II and most of all talking with members and visitors, since I felt more and more part of a single organism magically put together by passion. At the beginning I observed in solitary attention the Pentax historical section, appreciating above all the beautiful structural harmony of S and SP bodies with their mythical Takumar eyes that I consider optical-mechanical jewels, to use as soon as you "wear" them. Time passed quickly in the hall upstairs, among the photos on display, the exhibitors and members passing at registration desk. At that point, the two models (selected by Ermanno) and some sport cars (the red Carletto Lentiís Ferrari was shining in the sun) were ready for the shooting session, to great delight of us amateur photographers.

It was time to go down in order to completely dip in the Day ritual, fully respecting the uses and the customs of the tribe of AOHC members and Pentax Day visitors, which at this point I realized I belonged to. I also got a 12 exposure Ferrania color film roll in order to enter the small photo competition of the day. There was so much to do to fully enjoying the day, therefore I hurried hoping of being able to see, to know, and to do, everything.

In the park there was cool shade under the trees. I found again myself among some thirty of "colleagues" who were shooting the girls, the blonde in the sun and the brunette in penumbra, changing background and supports for their beautiful bodies; tree or Ferrari, brunette or blonde? My 36 exposure slide roll generously accepted pictures of both them, while the diaphragm of my Takumar medium telephoto closed and opened between the sun and the penumbra following the meter indications. Mr. Lenti and Ermanno were taking care to give the girls directions for good posing; the scene was nice and I amused myself photographing the models and everything happening around them. (continued)

Photographers, cars and models
Photo by Alberto Dubini

photo by Lorenzo De Rossi

photo by Giancarlo Ianeselli

photo by Carlo Lastrucci

photo by Lino Pennarola

photo by Giuseppe Calegari

photo by Costantino Florio

photo by Alessandro Michelazzi

photo by Franco Zampetti

photo by Carlo Michelazzi

photo by Stefano Sagna

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