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Meal by Protege
photo by Marcello Dugini


But the moment had arrived to load the camera with the contest film; twelve frames to shoot in half an hour. The first quarter of hour passed badly, with no good ideas, while the second quarter was better since I told myself, "Who cares?" Enjoy the coolness beneath the trees making acquaintance with my Pentax peers. So the morning ended, walking back to the restaurant, where a cool dining room was waiting for us.

Following a welcome tradition, Protege offered all members an excellent meal, so much appreciated by everybody including yours truly. It was a good opportunity to speak a little about ourselves, and not only about photographic equipment.

After the coffee, we remained in the dining room for the annual general meeting, where Budget 2002 was approved. We also decided that AOHC calendar for 2004 will be smaller in order to ship it flat in standard envelopes, and to do the final job for printing our book on Pentax screw mount cameras within this year (priced around 30.00 Euros for members) with the help of "Il Giardino del Libro Fotografico". Next year’s Pentax Day will take place either in Rome or in Spoleto, with an option for Vicenza for the 10th Pentax Day in 2005.

While a few willing members took turns at our club’s table, the models went out again in the park. Different backgrounds and different look, shot wearing bikini among stone columns, stairways and green leaves. In the morning I mainly shot half-length portraiture, while in the afternoon I privileged full-length portrait from waist-level. Nice long hair and unseen smiles from the brunette, kind and rare any smile from the blonde girl. Some photographers said that the girls were as still as statues. I thought that was the best way for allowing everybody to shoot at them, even those as slow as me in setting the camera. However, it was late afternoon, it was warm and we had had an abundant and well washed down meal, so it was time to take a break.

Time to have a grenadine at the bar talking with friends about the day. Some were still handling cameras, while others were storing their equipment. Some people asked if information about contests and prizes had already leaked.

Then it was time to go back to the hall and hear the verdicts announced by our President. It was too warm to stay upstairs, so opportunely the day came to end downstairs in the entrance hall. Dario awarded the winners as follows:

Pentax Quiz award (Optio 230 digital camera, given by Protege): Costantino Florio.
AOHC member coming from farthest away (Pentax FB10 binoculars, given by Protege): Carlo Michelazzi.
"Luciano Nustrini" prize for best picture (Manfrotto tripod, given by Manfrotto Trading): Gianfranco Chesi.
Extemporary contest: 1st Prize (Manfrotto tripod, offered by Manfrotto Trading): Carlo Lastrucci.
Extemporary contest: 2nd Prize (Pentax monocular, given by Protege): Chiara Zampetti.
Extemporary contest: 3rd Prize (films and ink-jet papers, offered by Ferrania): Alessandro Michelazzi.
Two special awards (AOHC trophies) were given to Ermanno Barchiesi and Arnaldo Calanca, for managing the event and for their invaluable contribution to club activities during the years.

Among ovations, greetings, hugs and goodbyes, dusk was approaching, while it was still warm. On June 22nd, summer was there for quite a long time. While driving back to Milan together with Dino, we were already discussing 9th Pentax Day; Rome or Spoleto?...and thinking about the pictures to shoot in the meantime with my beloved Pentaxes.

 General meeting
photo by Danilo Rivolta

Photographers and models
Photo by Stefano Sagna

Photographers and models
Photo by Franco Zampetti

1st prize
photo by Carlo Lastrucci

2nd prize
photo by Chiara Zampetti

3rd prize
photo by Alessandro Michelazzi

"Montmartre" winner of
Luciano Nustrini prize
photo by Gianranco Chesi

Alessandro Michelazzi awarded by Ferrania
photo by Ermanno Barchiesi

Chiara Zampetti awarded by Protege
photo by Franco Zampetti

Carlo Lastrucci awarded by Manfrotto
photo by Ermanno Barchiesi

Gianfranco Chesi awarded by Manfrotto
photo by Ermanno Barchiesi

Costantino Florio awarded by Protege
photo by Ermanno Barchiesi

Carlo Michelazzi awarded by Protege
photo by Ermanno Barchiesi

Ermanno Barchiesi awarded by AOHC
photo by ?

Gratitude to:

AOHC board and Protege srl thank all participants and contributors and especially: Ferrania, Manfrotto Trading and Il Fotografo.
Our sincere thanks go to Pro Loco di Salice Terme, for their substantial help in managing the event and promoting it through local advertising.
Our warmest thanks to all AOHC members helping during setting up and taking down and/or supplying equipment for the exhibition: Maurizio Bertozzi, Arnaldo Calanca, Gianfranco Chesi, Alberto Dubini, Dino Fadelli, Giancarlo Ianeselli, Stefano Sagna, Claudio Tinelli.
Good appreciation also goes to members participating in the photo exhibition: Ermanno Barchiesi, Dario Bonazza, Arnaldo Calanca, Gianfranco Chesi, Massimo d’Amicis, Alberto Dubini, Carlo Lastrucci, Roberto Longoni, Stefano Zamagna. Fewer authors than usual exhibited their pictures this time (nine instead of twelve to fifteen), but images were of high quality, as usual.

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