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The Cascina


Shooting Melania

By Alberto Dubini


To reach the Pentax Day 2005 by car: on the highway, take the Grisignano di Zocco way out, then, at the stop, turn right heading Camisano Vic. Campodoro…. Anyone using the Padua-Vicenza road, at the Grisignano di Zocco centre head to Camisano Vicentino Campodoro, then continue as depicted above.
I’m reading the directions I’ve received by mail while Massimo drives quietly on the highway. Directions drove us safely to the Cascina choosed by our colleagues from Vicenza as the location for the 10th Pentax Day. At noon the sun is high and the red poppys around the road are exalted by the sunlight. Near to the arrival, Dr. Fabio Augugliaro – PROTEGE Photo division’s manager – is working on a yellow arrow indicating the Pentax show location. A nice feeling, we’re almost arrived.
There it is, Cascina Dal Pozzo is coming to us along a straight country road between trees and fields. Wide parking and fences all around describe an exclusive environment, dedicated to us for a couple of days. While we’re crossing the entrance I’m thinking: "Pentax Red, Vicenza’s poppy and country party… It’s a great mix!"
The location is wide, it’s obvious that space will not be an issue during the set-up of the show. We can see some colleagues building a glass-case in a huge room.
A smiling man, with white curls is coming to us. It’s Renato Franchini. A brief greeting and immediately the feel is sweet, the feeling that local people are able to give everybody with their way of speaking, simple, fair and hearty.

Greeting, introductions and smiles. We start to unload all the gear carried from Milan so to continue the set-up that "Mr. President" Dario with Maurizio Bertozzi have started a while ago. Teams are working and, as usual, they help each other. Volunteers Danilo Dighero and Umberto Bonaria that came from Genoa help us with the showing panels while Dario and Maurizio are finishing putting together the glass-cases, containing a treasure in terms of Asahi Pentax gear, kindly provided by Fabio and Alberto from Rome. It’s truly hard to find more Pentax K-series equipment anywhere. In addition, Arnaldo Calanca will complete the exhibition with great bodies and glass.
The Protege stand is growing up in the side room. Gear will appear only tomorrow, with the complete series of lenses, bodies and various imaging instrumentation. The Protege ‘trio’ Fabio/Moreno/Alessandro works hard. In the same area, Mr. Carlesi is working on his TECNO 2000 table, where the free check-up for Pentax fellows’ beloved equipment will take place. Hey! It’s time to lunch!
Renato, the chef, has prepared some ‘linguine, salsiccia and peas’ with a fresh white wine for all of us twelve on a big table. Wow! How good is the wine and how good is the light. Let’s take a quick snapshot through a glass!

After the noon it’s time for more arrivals: Ermanno and family, Giuseppe Monga – landscape photographer from Rozzano – Gianfranco, other people. Time to get back at work.
Here we are taking more treasures off their boxes: B&W and color prints for the photo exhibition. We need a method to manage all. Ermanno, Maurizio and Dario are experts on this and in a short time each image is numbered and ready for be hanged up. We have 121 pictures, 74 of them are BW, but we have just 99 spaces available. How to manage this issue? The Cascina’s master allows us to use the wall too. Great solution! So we hang up Alberto Sarandrea’s pictures on the wall. Alberto is an expert on female nudes. His pictures are put on the wall, not without some half-hidden smiles.
The set-up is finished. Now we can relax and look how much this location is good for our intent. Large, quiet and fully immersed in the country. The covered space is perfect for the photo exhibit, thanks to its transparent ceiling, it’s like having a huge bank of 20x20 meters, fresh and airy.

Evening. We need to get a dinner. Our friend Renato has performed very well: Risotto with cherries, unforgettable. Rome’s friends brought big bottles of fresh ‘sette colli’ wine. We are in the Vicenza area, so local friends gave us the opportunity to taste some local beer and grappa (for who dares…)
At the end, we experience some troubles with the directions for our accomodation, so we get to the Agriturismo late. But this is not a true problem with Vicenza people’s hospitality and fairy.
Let’s take a nap, the show will start tomorrow.

AOHC museum

The Cascina

Setting-up the event

Setting-up the event

Umberto & Renato

Not short of wine

Renato at work

Marcello & Alberto

Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition



Dinner with friends

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