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Membership is acquired by payment of annual membership rate and lost for not renewing it before March 31 each year. All funds collected by the Club are employed for activities addressed to members. The treasurer will send an economic report to all members once a year. The Club balance will be discussed and approved at AGM on occasion of Pentax Day.AOHC membership and SPOTMATIC subscription include four Spotmatic issues per year (now on hold, sorry), AOHC lapel pin, stickers and membership card, free room on AOHC tables at collectors fairs in Italy, access to AOHC discounts and activities. All members will receive the AOHC Statute.  Membership rate is € 25.00 (or equivalent in US $, at current exchange rate), postage included (surface mail to Europe and air mail worldwide).

Probably the quickest, easiest way for paying your AOHC membership from abroad: just click on Paypal logo and send your € 25.00 fee to dario@dariobonazza.com If you already use Paypal payments, it will just take you a few seconds, with no additional costs for you!

If you don't like Paypal, you can pay either by international cheque cashable in Italy or bank draft (ask your bank) or International Postal Money Order (usually cheaper), or simply by mailing cash in an envelope by regular or registered mail (maybe a bit risky, but it usually works well). It is regretted that we cannot accept credit cards (but you can use your credit card via Paypal).

Address payments to:

Dario Bonazza
Via Badiali 138
48121 Ravenna

Bank draft or wire transfer has to be made out to DARIO BONAZZA. Should you need bank details for payment, please ask.

Please ensure that payment is made out personally to Dario Bonazza, or I won't be able to cash it (and then you won't get AOHC membership).
If you like back issues of Spotmatic you can pay them along with your membership. In case, please check the contents of back issues. Multiple despatches allow reduced prices. Should you need more details please ask.

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