Pentax Autofocus Bayonet Cameras

Pentax developed the first mass-produced autofocus SLRSLR
Acronym of "Single Lens Reflex". See also "Reflex"
, the ME-F, four years before the famous Minolta 7000. The ME-F featured a special variation of the K-bayonet, with electrical contacts for data exchange between body and the special lens with built in focusing motor. This same AF concept was then successfully developed by Canon. The second- generation Pentax AF camera, the SFX, was introduced in 1987, and followed the Minolta concept of focusing motor inside the body. A whole new line of AF lenses was developed, called SMC Pentax-F. With the introduction of the Z-series cameras in late 1991, SMC Pentax-FA lenses introduced power zooming and advanced electronics, also featuring the subject distance detection. This same concept of distance measurement was then followed by Nikon, with their D-series lenses. It often happened that Pentax "forgot" to take advantage of its own world's firsts from the commercial point of view, so that other manufacturers arriving years later are capable to get the public merit and turn it into commercial success. The above mentioned episode of the AF is probably the most evident example of that, but unfortunately there are many more.

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