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Series M zoom

 Article by Fabio Mignani, to be published in the magazine Spotmatics.

From K to J: the end of legendary Pentax compatibility

Examination of Pentax K-mount variations and current compatibility problems

A genuine AOCo item from WWII

Examination of a trench periscope made by Asahi Opt. Co. in 1944

A brief history of the Asahi Optical Corporation

Eighty years of Pentax history in six pages

API seals
Articoli/a14f01.jpg Several types of seals made Pentax cameras in Italy a bit different from others worldwide.


Spotmatics with two switches

Did you know the Spotmatic series cameras could be modified by Honeywell for having mirror lock-up?

A new vision on the history of the Asahiflex

Men and facts behind the development of the first Japanese 35mm SLR.

Some notes on Spotmatic, ESII, KX and KM Motor Drive cameras

Motor Drive variations and possible matching between different bodies, motor drives and battery grips.

Special Pentax LX variations

In year 2000 the Pentax LX celebrates 20 years since its introduction in 1980. Here we discuss a prototype and some special variations of this famous professional camera.

Heiland Pentax H2 Store Demonstrator Cameras

A rare variation of the first camera made by Pentax for Honeywell in 1959.


The Asahiflex prototype

Saburo Matsumoto had a dream... to produce one of the world's most popular cameras for the common people.


Flare control in multi-coated lenses of the Seventies

The introduction of the first multi-layer anti-reflective coating by Asahi Pentax, back in 1971, hit the market. Competitors reacted in many different ways. Were they effective?


The discovery of a complete Asahiflex camera set

A complete set of this camera of the pre-Pentax era was bought in Okinawa in 1955. Camera and accessories are discussed here.


The Asahi Pentax Memorica prototype

Did you know that in early Sixties Asahi pioneered not only aperture priority, but also shutter priority auto exposure? Here is some info on an almost unknown prototype shown on occasion of Photokina 1966.
(This article, authored by Dario Bonazza, was published in Spotmatic No.19, January 1999)

Asahi Pentax K - Top of the early series

The Asahi Pentax K, introduced in May 1958, was the final development of the first generation pentaprism SLRs from Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd.


SAFOX: what's in a name?

The Pentax autofocus system: patents and development. The Safox III myth.


Asahi Pentax Original and Asahi Pentax S

The Asahi Pentax Original (AP) was the first pentaprism SLR model from Asahi Opt. Co. It was introduced in 1957. The Asahi Pentax S was the improvement of the AP, introduced in April 1958. These two sister models were the first steps of the very successful Asahi Pentax dynast.


Terence Donovan 1936-1996

Life and death of a famous professional photographer.


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