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This year 2004 marks 40 years since the introduction of the Spotmatic (October 1964 in Japan, on occasion of Tokyo Olympic Games). The ongoing project is collecting some vintage pictures taken using a Spotmatic (or another Asahi Pentax SLRSLR
Acronym of "Single Lens Reflex". See also "Reflex"
and/or lens) during the 1964-1975 era.

Here is a selection of pictures received so far (June 2004). I don't know whether they will be the chosen pictures or not. At this moment, they just suit this page needs. Thanks to all contributors.

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Anybody having some pictures matching above requirements and willing to share them with other folks interested in this topic, can select a few (possibly the best ones :-) scan and email them to me. The most interesting ones will be published here and in a special Spotmatic issue. All published authors will also receive a free copy of the magazine.

Please don't forget that best interesting pictures have to give the taste of the times (60's and 70's). Either a sunset or you lovely cat jumping have probably nothing related to that era to show!
On the contrary, any picture related to some events, like sports and chronicle (now history) will work. Did you shoot an Apollo launch, a rock concert or anything like that? You're welcome! Furthermore, any other picture giving the taste of the time (showing typical clothes, hair, make-up, cars, etc.) is welcome too. In case, please also add some useful details (e.g. approximate date and location and equipment used for shooting), to complement the pictures.

Deadline is December 2004.

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