Year 2005

Contents of SPOTMATIC magazine 2005

Number 46 - October 2005

page   4 Heiland Pentax Price List (November 1960)
page   8 Pentax sponsorship: motorcycle racing
page 13 More car racing pictures
page 14 Diagrams of F/FA/FAJ-series lenses
page 18 LX viewfinders
page 19 Early data recording
page 20 Pentax multiple TTLTTL
acronym of "Through The Lens"
page 30 New products: AF-540FGZ, DA 12-24mm lens, Optio S60, S6, WPi
page 26 On test: 50mm lenses on digital
page 32 Pentax-Samsung agreement
page 33 As seen in eBay auctions 
page 34 Pentax Photo Annual and Pentax Calendar 2006
page 34 AOHC Calendar 2006
page 35 Pentax *istDS awarded by DIWA
page 35 Pentax & Belle Perez
Authors & info sources: D. Bonazza, T. Chan, B. Dimitrov, Fotografare, Honda, Honeywell, Kreidler, Pentax, Samsung.

Number 45 - July 2005

page   4 1.2/50: Pentax available light
page   6 Ultra-fast lenses which never saw the light
page   7 Early Electro Spotmatic
page   8 10th Pentax Day: The chronicle
page 23 10th Pentax Day: Prize giving
page 24 10th Pentax Day: Cutout MX
page 26 10th Pentax Day: Young champions
page 27 10th Pentax Day: Melania
page 32
Pentax Summer news
page 34 Main differences among Pentax digital SLRSLR
Acronym of "Single Lens Reflex". See also "Reflex"
page 34 Accessories for Pentax digital SLR's
page 35 Protege is restructuring and moving its photo division
Authors & info sources: D. Bonazza, A. Dubini, Pentax Corp.

Number 44 - April 2005

page   4 The yellow peril
page   5 Radiation-induced discoloration
page   6 How to cure the lens yellowing
page   7 Brian Ayling's method
page   8 Customizing cameras
page 10 MX Japan Camera Show
page 11 The mysterious Dongwon Pentax P-70z
page 12 Vintage pictures
page 21 As seen in eBay auctions
page 22 Pentax news: Photo fairs 2005
page 23 An interesting interview with Mr. Torigoe
page 30 Who's that Premier?
page 30 Pentax sales 2004
page 31 Pentax merging
page 31 BMW-Williams camera with Pentax lens
page 31 Gillo Pontecorvo and his Spotmatic
page 31 40 years ago, in Angola
Authors & info sources: R. Allen, B. Ayling, Birns, D. Bonazza, Pentax Corp.

Number 43 - January 2005

page   4 Electro Spotmatic: The dawn of a new era
page   5 The development of the Copal Square shutter
page   8 Electronics in ES-series cameras
page 12 Special variants of Pentax cameras
page 15 On test: *istDS, everyone's DSLR
page 27 As seen in eBay auctions
page 27 2004 AOHC CD-ROM
page 28 Alberto Dubini: Pentax in my heart
page 30 Michelazzi father and son
page 30 Pentax is investing in China and Philippines
page 31 Optio WP: the amphibian
page 31 Pentax is subcontracting Premier
page 31 PentaBright: what's that?
Authors & info sources: D. Bonazza, A. Dubini, C. Michelazzi, Pentax Corp.


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