Year 2003

Contents of SPOTMATIC magazine 2003

Number 38 - October 2003

page   4 Before the Pentax: Takane Minesix Super 66
page   6 Crepax, Valentina and the Spotmatic
page   7 As seen in eBay auctions
page   8 Pentax MF-1
page 12 On test: Pentax *ist D
page 20 Pentax *ist D vs. Fujifilm S2 Pro
page 25 Pentax *ist D vs. Canon EOS 300D
page 28 Pentax *ist D and various lenses

page 34

Pentax news
page 35 Professional Photographer to award Pentax
page 36 AOHC publications
page 36 A screw mount Topcon?
page 36 New old ever-ready cases
page 37 A truly unorthodox K-1000
page 38 Sales&Wants
page 39 Pentax Photo Annual & Pentax Calendar 2004
Authors: D. Bonazza, C.Lastrucci, M.Marani, G.Poon.

Number 37 - July 2003

page   2 1957 Asahiflex advert
page   4 Extra lettering on Asahi Pentax equipment
page   8 Special Edition cameras
page 11 8th Pentax Day: Saturday
page 13 8th Pentax Day: Sunday
page 19 8th Pentax Day: The pictures
page 27 On test: SMC Pentax-F* 300nn f/4.5 ED [IF] + Tamron
1.4X Pz-AF MC4

page 32

A very special Super A
page 32 Pentax relocates U.S. headquarters
page 33 Pentax *ist D technology
page 36 V.I.P. and Pentax
page 37 A new Spotmatic!
page 38 As seen in eBay auctions

Authors: D. Bonazza, P.Cook, A.Dubini, S.Pietrzyk, S.Sagna.

Number 36 - April 2003

page   4 Memories of the past - Talking with Mr. José Beltrão Coelho, founder of the oldest Pentax importer in the world
page   7 Pentax 67 II 61 Limited
page   8 As seen in eBay auctions
page   9 Emmanuel Gavillet: Shooting with Pentax 6x7 cameras off Iceland and Norway
page 14 On test: FA* 85mm f/1.4 IF vs. FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited
page 20 Pentax press conference in Japan
Cooperation between Pentax and Casio
page 21 From K to J: the end of legendary Pentax compatibility
page 28 Pentax news 2003

page 28

page 32 PhotoShow in Milan
page 37 Some related cameras by Casio and HP
Optio S gets two awards in USA
page 38 AOHC members' activities
Nude & Photo -The magazine for sensual photography
page 39 Sales&Wants
Authors: D. Bonazza, E.Gavillet, C.Lastrucci, P.Oliveira.

Number 35 - January 2003

page   4 A genuine AOCo item from WWII
page   7 Body-lens incompatibility in screw mount cameras
page 12 Super A "European Camera of the Year 1983"
page 13 Super A "Special Edition" in  Japan
page 14 Pentax sponsorship part 1: car races
page 25 As seen in eBay auctions
page 26 New Pentax Optio S announced at CES
page 27 ... and Casio Exilim sibling

page 28

Pentax supports music drama in Hong Kong
Members' activities
AOHC meetings 2003
page 29
Pirelli Calendar 2003
page 30 Sales & wants
page 31 2003 AOHC CD-ROM
Best Products of the Year
New Espio 140V
Authors: D. Bonazza, J.Hechtman, P.Jonkman, G.Poon, P.M.Provencher.


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