Year 2000

Contents of SPOTMATIC magazine 2000

Number 26 - October 2000

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page   2 Gallery: pictures by Gianni Angelini and Carlo Lastrucci  
page   4 Some notes on Spotmatic, ESII, KX and KM Motor Drive cameras  
page   7 Asahi Opt. Co. in National Geographic Magazine (II)
page 16 On test: Pentax MZ-7, first try and then trust  
page 18 Pentax MZ-M, the camera with 58 lenses?
page 20 Photokina 2000
page 23 Pentax News: Pentax MZ-S  
page 25 Pentax News: Full-format 6-Megapixel Pentax 'No name' digital SLRSLR
Acronym of "Single Lens Reflex". See also "Reflex"
page 26 Pentax News: Accessories for new SLR's
page 27 Pentax News: New lenses
page 28 Interview with Mr. Zenichi Ohkura
page 29 Autofocus patent
page 30 A Pentax lens with Leica screw mount
page 31 John F. deLoach
page 32 eBay auctions of Fall 2000  
page 33 New leadership at Pentax parent company
page 33 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2000
page 33 New McKeown's camera catalog
page 34 Sales&Wants
Authors: Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd, E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, P. Cook, R. Engelmann, P. Oliveira.

Number 25 - July 2000

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page   2 Gallery: 25 years of Pentax K-bayonet  
page   4 Uncommon Pentax MX variations  
page   7 Special Pentax LX variations  
page 13 5th Pentax Day report
page 19 AOHC Annual General Meeting
page 20 Seventy-two hours...  
page 21 Thanks everybody!  
page 22 Shots from the 5th Pentax Day  
page 29 The Pentax 67 II put into practice
page 32 Last screws from Dresden  
page 35 A letter about the Carl Zeiss Triotar 135mm f/4  
page 36 Who are we? Mario Brigidi
page 36 Pentax CD-ROM  
page 37 eBay auctions of mid-2000  
page 38 Sales&Wants
page 39 Kadlubek's Camera Catalogue and Pocket Price Guide
Authors: E. Barchiesi, C. Bertola, D. Bonazza, M. Brigidi, D. Cecchi, P. Cook, P. Oliveira.

Number 24 - April 2000

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page   2 Gallery: Very early binoculars from Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd.  
page   4 Heiland Pentax H2 "Store Demonstrator"
page   6 Brief history of "Electronic Image" cameras  
page 10 On test: M 85/2 vs. FA* 85/1.4  
page 13 On test: SMC Takumar 135/2.5 vs. SMC Pentax-A* 135mm f/1.8  
page 17 MZ-5n memory lock  
page 18 eBay auctions of early 2000   
page 19 Hewlett-Packard and Pentax announce strategic alliance
page 21 Pentax News: Pentax new digital cameras  
page 24 Pentax News: More new introductions by Pentax  
page 26 Photo Show in Rome  
page 28 Documents: Pentax classic cameras  
page 28 Documents: The ultimate Asahi Pentax screw mount guide 1952-1977
page 30 Sales&Wants

Authors: Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd., D. Bonazza, P. Cook, R. Engelmann, A. Flaider, C. Lastrucci.

Number 23 - January 2000

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page   4 The Asahiflex prototype
page   6 Cutaway Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic II
page   7 100mm f/3.5 Preset Takumar
page   9 Computer-aided lens comparing
page 10 On test: 24/2.8 vs. 24/2 FA* AL [IF]
page 13 Who developed multicoating?
page 14 On test: SMC Pentax-FA 35mm f/2 AL
page 16 Screw mount Jena (A Hyena's life)  
page 21 eBay auctions of late 1999  
page 22 Designers' Story: Pentax MZ-7     
page 24 Pentax News: New compacts from Pentax
page 25 Fall 1999 photo fairs  
page 26 Who are we? Pedro Oliveira
page 27 The Beatles and their Asahi Pentaxes
page 28 Documents: Japanese 35mm SLR cameras  
page 29 Documents: Kadlubeks Objectiv-Katalog
page 30 Sales&Wants

Authors: Asahi Opt. Co. Ltd., D. Bonazza, D.Cecchi, P. Cook, C. Lastrucci, P. Oliveira, I. Shephard, Y.Takinami.

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