Year 1999

Contents of SPOTMATIC magazine 1999

Number 22 - October 1999

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page   4 Differences that may be checked between the first and the second series of the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic
page 10 More variations in the Spotmatic series
page 13 Flare control in multi-coated lenses of the Seventies
page 16 Screw mount electronic oriental cousins  
page 19 Interesting auctions at eBay
page 20 Designers' story: Pentax 67 II  
page 22 Pentax News: MZ-7  
page 25 Pentax News: Top class lenses for 35mm and medium format
page 27 Pentax News: Metal built compacts  
page 28 Once bitten... (Tom Dooher)  
page 29 AOHC brief news  
page 30 Sales&Wants

Authors: Asahi Opt.Co. Ltd., E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, D.Cecchi, T. Dooher.

Number 21 - July 1999

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page   2 30 years since first Moon landing  
page   4 The discovery of a complete Asahiflex camera set
page 10 Asahi Optical in National Geographic Magazine
page 16 4th Pentax Day  
page 27 Pentax News: New Pentax-FA lenses  
page 28 Pentax News: New Pentax compacts  
page 29 Interesting auctions at eBay  
page 30 Sales&Wants

Authors: E. Barchiesi, D. Bonazza, P.Jonkman, P.Oliveira.

Number 20 - April 1999

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page   2 80 years Pentax  
page   4 Photokina 1966 and Asahi Pentax 220 prototype  
page   6 Brochure & the Beast  
page 13 More unusual items auctioned at eBay  
page 14 Oriental cousins with TTLTTL
acronym of "Through The Lens"
page 19 Replacing mercury batteries  
page 20 Pentax-Protege Press & Dealers Conference  
page 22 Photo Show in Milan
page 23 New SMC Pentax-FA 35mm f/2 AL lens introduced in Japan  
page 24 Castel S.Giovanni photo fair  
page 25 Chronicle of a KX restoration  

Authors: D. Bonazza, D.Cecchi, P. Di Vecchia, A. D'Ettorre.

Number 19 - January 1999

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page   4 Pentax Super A (Super Program)
page 13 Pentax Lenses: Aperture Regulating Mechanism at 'A' Position  
page 15 The Asahi Pentax Memorica prototype
page 15 PENTAX feature articles  
page 16 LX customization  
page 18 Pentax 6x7 Marine  
page 19 Unusual items auctioned at eBay  
page 20 Bye Luciano  
page 21 The Pentax System  
page 23 Pentax news: New AF-lenses for the Pentax 645N  
page 25 Specifications of new FA-series Pentax lenses
page 26 Who are we? Danilo Cecchi  
page 27 Programme of 4th Pentax Day  
Authors: D. Bonazza, R.Burgos, D.Cecchi, B. Dimitrov, R.Engelmann, Naomichi Fujita, 


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